Belly Fat Cure – It will kill you!

The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise is what we are going to talk about. Jorge has build himself a multi-million dollar book deal telling people that he can cure your belly fat. This sounds great, but in reality it’s a load of poo! The books are well done and about $20 each. There are just a few problems. While I think Jorge means well (really I don’t) I don’t think he is telling the truth about everything, and I don’t think he is really in a position to be handing out eating advise since half of what he says does not make logical sense. I also wonder how much of this diet he actually does? He post pictures of meals he is eating and most of them are whole foods, not the processed crap he is encouraging you to eat.

First of all his books, his menus, and his sample meals are void of Fruits and Vegetables and this should be the first alarm that goes off when you are reading it. He has a list of Fruits and Vegetables to avoid….really you should avoid them? My head is going to explode? Are you serious? Any diet huckster that in the first 20 pages of his book tells you to avoid fruits and vegetables it an absolute moron and should be payed little attention to ever. So you can stop now and just skip to the bottom or just ignore anything endorsed by Jorge and Dr. Oz…..of you can keep reading to find out why.

To make it even worse, Jorge, who again seems like an upbeat and high energy guy seems to want to take care of people while he suggests eating loads of animal meat for protein and intaking unhealthy amounts of oils, dairy, and fats. In one of his books he give you places you can eat out and in that suggests fast foods that are “Belly Fat Good” which sets off alarms all over the place for me. First Jorge, you should really really not be suggesting any fast food at all. Processed foods are why America is fat now! This is another one of his missteps in the books, where he OKs the use of fast foot at all. Manufactured food should not be consumed at all if possible. There are even an entire back section of one of his books where he condemns one kind or processed foods vs. another type of lower sugar processed foods. Jorge, ALL processed food is bad for you period! ALL Fast Food is bad for you, and I don’t care what you flipping excuse is it’s all bad unless you are talking about fruit which is the perfect “fast food”.

In his Quick Start book he calls fruit “Natures Candy” and yes I can agree to that, but then he says this “As long as your goal is to loss weight, I recommend eating only very small amounts of fruit.” Fruits like; Banana, Blackberries, Cantaloupe, Mango, Grapes, Pear, Pineapple…and the list goes on. It’s a list of some of the bast things in the world to help your body heal and it eating exclusively you can and will in fact loss weight and cleanse your body, but Jorge would have you think that animal protein, high fat, high oil and cheese are the answer? I think not Jorge!

For example at McDonald’s Jorge has you not eat the 4-Piece Chicken McNuggets with honey mustard sauce and instead order the 3 Chicken Selects with Buffalo Sauce and a Water? They are all still fast food and are both fried. Lets break this one down a bit, use some facts.(If you don’t already know both of these are like eating shit!)

Don’t Eat ( I can agree with that):
Chicken Nuggets
Honey Mustard Sauce

Chicken McNuggets® (4 piece) 2.3 oz (65 g)
Calories =190
Calories from fat = 110
Total Fat Grams =12
Salt Grams = 360

Honey Mustard Sauce 0.8 oz (22 g) X1
Calories = 60
Calories from fat = 35
Total Fat Grams = 4
Salt Grams = 115
Do Eat (According to Jorge):
3 Chicken Selects
2 Buffalo Sauces

Chicken Selects® Premium Breast Strips (3 pc) 4.4 oz (124 g)
Calories from fat =210
Total Fat Grams = 23
Salt Grams = 750 

Spicy Buffalo Sauce 0.8 oz (22 g) X2
Calories = 35 X2
Calories from fat = 30 X2
Total Fat Grams = 3 X2
Salt Grams = 540 X2

Bad Meal?:
Calories = 250
Calories from fat = 145
Total Fat Grams =  16
Salt Grams = 475

Jorges Good Meal?:
Calories =  450
Calories from fat = 270
Total Fat Grams =  29
Salt Grams = 1830

I don’t have to do the math, the SALT should alarm you alone! The fact that he replaces a crappy meal with an even crappier meal is astonishing, but in the book he is basing this entire process on SUGAR! and using a thing he calls the “S/C Value” which is another of his huckster gimmicks that is based on nothing other than some stupid system he devised. I have not seen any study or information as to how he came up with this and when asked on Facebook and Twitter he has never responded and deletes anyone who does not go along with his views.

There are more of these good vs. bad for example:

At the Olive Garden and you order the Vententian Apricot Chicken, which is chicken with a tomatoes sauce (you should avoid tomates they make you fat according to Jorge) with asparagus and broccoli. You should not order this since it has sugar from tomates. Instead you should order the Grilled Chicken Spiedini with chicken covered in cheese, potatoes and zucchini and this choice is all based on sugar. How about you skip both and just have the salad or a nice vegetable soup?

I could go on, there are 260 plus pages of this good vs. bad crap and on every page all of them are BAD! The back is full or soda that is “good” for you and other processes crap he claims is good for you. Really Jorge and Dr. Oz are you kidding me? You put your name on this hog wash?

Meat and Fats are good? 

The books will have you thinking the key, like Atkins and Paleo diets, to weight loss is eating loads of protein and avoiding carbs. I can agree with the idea of avoiding manufactured carbs or complex carbs like white sugar, but frankly to think that even removed fruit from your diet and replaces it with high fat, high protein items like eggs, steak, bacon, and cheese. You have to be stupid to think this is healthy!

Jorges Sample Menu for a Day
(It sounds delicious but I assure you eat this for a few years and you will die of a massive heart attack!)

Suggested Breakfast : 2 eggs, bacon, toast, coffee with half and half – Suggests you fry or scramble the eggs in fat or oil.
Translations: 2 Chicken Periods, Complex Carbs, Stimulant, and OIL/FAT in your stimulant!

Suggested Snack: String Cheese
Translation: Cow Puss and Dairy FAT along with OILs

Suggested Lunch: Chicken Breast with Lettuce, Mustard/Mayo on a Tortilla
Translation: Animal Meat with LettuceFAT on a Complex Carb.  (Where did lettuce come from 2 meals in for the day? You are going to shock your system?)

Suggested Snack: Pumpkin Seeds
Translation: More FAT, but I am kind of OK with this one. But at this point in the day you have had way too much fat and oil!

Suggested Dinner: Grilled Steak with Caesar Salad, Croutons and Cheese
Translation: HIGH FAT Animal Meat with FAT, with a side of FAT on my Salad and more Dairy.

Suggested Treat: Dark Chocolate and a Glass of Wine
Translation: After eating like shit all day you should have a treat yourself and get drunk , trust me, you are going to need it to keep believing this is a good way to eat!

Even I can look at this menu and see the issues. It’s full of FAT,OIL,  and Protein and the only good things in it are the Lettuce at lunch, which is mostly water and the Lettuce at dinner covered in fat oily salad dressing and cheese? How on earth does he explain this away? Oh, I know….no sugars! Yes that makes sense…..[shaking my head], no, no it does not!

Lettuce wrap this up!

In the book where he gives you “smart” choices while you are out, he suggests all kinds of fried fast foods? Hey Jorge are you stupid? Why on earth would you suggest fast food ever? Tell them to pack a banana or an apple. Fruit and Veggies are so available in our society right now how on earth with any decency can you even remotely suggest fast food?!

It’s easy, you make Dr. Oz your pimp and when a Doctor backs up your bullshit of high fat, high dairy, high oil, high butter crap diet then it’s legit. The best photo of these two is Jorge and Dr. Oz holding a heart! They are going to have to hold your heart, after they open you up, do the 5 way bypass and massage that baby back to life! The other sample menus Jorge offers are not any better. If you want to see them go review them on your own. They are HIGH fat, HIGH stimulant, HIGH dairy items all over and a void of any vegetables or fruits. In fact, and I will say it again, he has a list of fruits and vegetables you should avoid if you want to loss weight

While Jorge is using his million dollar marketing machine to lie to his masses he has Dr. Oz backing him up and allowing millions or people to destroy their health over an over again. If Dr. Oz was an intelligent person he would know that Meat Protein has been linked to cancer and heart discese.

Even better is in one of his books he has people who are success stories and many of them are not “thin” or “healthy”, they are all still over weight and chubby.

Any one out there who is thinking that the “BELLY FAT CURE” is a sensible and smart way to loss weight is wrong, DEAD wrong. If you decide to go down this road, to death, you are going to die and your heart is going to fail you with all of the fat, oil, and dairy Jorge is recommending you take in. Jorge is a snake oil huckster and should not be entrusted with any of your money.

Hey Jorge, if you read this….Fruits and Vegetables never made anyone fat! You need to do some reading before you start publishing more garbage.

Required Reading:
The China Study
80/10/10 Diet
Required Viewing:
Forks over Knives
Get Vegucated

PS – I read these books when I was lost. I was lost in an ocean of information, bad bad information. I have now been found. Jorge and Dr. Atkins are both in the same camp. Low Carb, anti-whole food idiots!


2 thoughts on “Belly Fat Cure – It will kill you!

  • August 8, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    If you’re really interested in the science behind Jorge Cruz’s diet, this book may change your opinion. “The art and science of low carbohydrate living”. It always helps to understand how things work before forming such a biased opinion. I’m not a huge fan of his diet per say, but much of what you’re saying is quite wrong. If you’re going to blast someone, you might want to do a little homework first. Otherwise, you can come across as sounding very ignorant.

    • August 9, 2013 at 12:57 am

      It’s my opinion. I have done a fair amount of homework. If I am wrong it would be nice if you could point it out. I am still not sold on the idea of “LOW CARB” living. I can agree that white sugars and white processed carbs are not good for you. That said I do think a high carb vegan diet is probably the best diet for you hands down. The hard part is making that change after 40 years of bad eating and eating the way we are expected to eat. Animal fat and oils are 100% bad for you. Thanks for the comments.


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