Online Dating – Case Closed

Back a while ago I posted about the really bad behavior on dating sites. I can honestly tell you those two posts got a fair amount of attention and some interesting mail. Some people thought it was funny, and there were a few who thought I was directing the posts at them. In reality they were a compilation of some hit and miss posts of my own and the absolute train wreck that is online dating.

In case you missed them here is 101 & 102

Tonight I pulled off my last online dating profile and have given up on that avenue of the web. Online dating is the dirty shady part of the internet that lives really close to the XXX rated Showboat movie theater on the south side of Savannah.

It’s not good for the old self esteem and lets be honest I don’t translate well on a 2-D scale. My personality and humor can not be summed up in a few photos and my writing. It am a much deeper person than that or at least I would like to think so.

Lately I have been trying to give it my salesmen try and putting a fair amount of feelers out there to see if I could close any deals. I did learn a few things while working in sales. You have your cold calls, your potential new customers, your pipeline and the deals you have closed. Most good sales cycles take months and you close about 3% of the customers you cold call. Based on that 3% I needed to get working. In the end I failed again as a salesmen.

Either I don’t know how to send a message or the women on these sites are just getting so many messages I slip through the cracks pretty easy. I mean let’s be honest right now I am average looking, have a large head, and goofy smile and am a bit odd initially. I know what I am working with here.

So for self preservations sake I will go with the idea that these women get tons of messages daily and to read them all must take days. As of late I have had a few leads bite and that has been interesting since now you have to make small talk over the messaging system on the dating web site. This process sucks and as a person with a face for radio I would prefer to use the phone to start to talk or get a conversation going, but these women are so shell shocked by all the douche bags on these sites they don’t want to do that so they leave me with the one tool, writing, that failed me over and over again since high  school. If you are readin this now you know damn good and well it must have been painful for me to try to start a conversation with words being typed on a keyboard going into a computer and being read by a person who clearly does not know anything about me and is wiling to dismiss me at the first sign of trouble as she has 60 other guys today that did the same thing I did.

The problems only get worse from there and in truth it’s more fun for me to just meet people in person and let them learn to dislike me for my raunchy humor and average looks than it is for me to try to utilize the lack of skill I have communicating with words  and sentences on a computer.

So that is my short story or random thoughts or something about online dating. You can have it, I hate it and women my age are having to deal with one of the worst ways to meet people, the internet.

Update: I have since found out that many of the dating sites I was used are filled with fake or owned accounts. These accounts keep you looking and give you some kind of inspiration to keep paying (if you do pay) on these sites with pretty girls who are paying attention. This is the strip club method of keeping guys in a the club. Good looking women act like they are interested in you personally (when they only want your money) and you stick around and keep giving them money to “see where this goes”. So that is encouraging in that most of these sites have these owned accounts and deploy them when guys are not getting many bits. I will update this further once I know more.


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