How many hours do you work?

So what happens when you have everything to say and nothing to really talk about? My brain is filled with all kinds of stuff right now. Thinking about work stuff, life stuff, no relationship stuff and Japan stuff….all while trying to harness those thoughts into a way to create a new revenue stream…..

What? What did you say David? How did we go from Japan stuff to revenue stream? Hell…I don’t know. How did we do that? You started it? You came here and started reading and then all of a sudden the word “revenue” and “stream” showed up! I know, CRAZY!

But let’s think about that for a bit. What are you doing all day? Working? What about the 16 other hours during the day? Are you not making money those 16 other hours? If you are then you are one of the smart ones. I want to talk to you! But if you are like me you are not making money the other 16 hours a day and now you have to wonder why? Why do we only make money for 8 hours a day?

How many hours in a day? 24
How many hours in a week? 168
How many hours in a 30 day month? 720
How many hours in a year? 8760

How many of those hours do you work? 2080
How many hours do you not work? 6680!

So there are 6680 hours a year you are not making money! Holy Crap that is a boat load of something!

So if you made $50 an hour during the week you would make about $104,000 a year. Not a bad bit of cash. But what would happen if you made $50 an hour for every hour in a year? You would make $438,000! That seems like a little bit more than the first number. Even if you cut that humber in half it would still be an enjoyable number. Lots could be done with $220,000 a year in salary.

Stay tuned. I am fixing to release the kraken on the whole work thing! Are you interested?