Lotus Notes vs. Outlook – differencebetween.net – Online Reply

There is a post on a web site Difference Between that is just poor. I don’t know how it counts as anything.

This article goes over the difference between Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook and it fails miserably doing so. Clearly the person writing the article has never used either product and just started playing with IT in the last few minutes. Here is my reply to that article.

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Work Email and Private Email

I don’t talk much about email yet it’s something I deal with everyday. It’s something I know very well and yet it’s the most abused, most wrongly used and most boring way to communicated in the world…next to sending a fax. For all of you reading this Email as we know it is dead and most likely you are using it wrong anyway. Not to say there is no place for email, there is, but let’s be honest the generation that is entering the work force today does not use email much and communicate without using email and without using the phone. That said we need some rules.

We are all users of email. Both at work and at home. Still not saying it’s right to use it but you are using it and stop lying to yourself…you are doing something that is not acceptable on it.

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