Visiting Japan – Things you might want to know

There are so many things I learned in Japan this summer while on Vacation (and while I lived there from 1993 – 1996). I will share those with you.

Japan can really be (and in my opinion is) one of the most fabulous places on earth to visit. I was able to spend 3 years in Japan in the 90’s (while in the Navy) and 14 days this past summer (2014). I would go back right now if asked. I have always considered moving back there to live. Japan is just one of those places that always felt like home to me.

I would encourage you to visit Japan and take it all in. While Europe seems like a nice place there is nothing over that way that tugs at my heart like Japan does.

Of course I am open to anything you want to know and will be happy to answer any questions.

Take time and read what I have and enjoy Japan! – David

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