Online Dating 99 – Refersher Course

So recently I had the opportunity ,due to the previous two posts about online dating, to review a profile and of course it broke many of my rules we have already talked about. So I will  go over the highlights again for all the slow people on the back of the bus. Let me first tell you that online dating is filled with pitfalls. There are all kinds of people out there who are single for a damn good reason y’all. Some of them are decent hard working people who are just not good at dating or have a tight group of people with no one to date and others are f’ing bat shit crazy and are truly single for every reason you can think of. They come in male and female so don’t think I am picking on the ladies. Guys are a hot messes as well. I think that might be a good next post is to break down the types of single people ….anyway. Here is refresher course in case the short bus dropped you off and you are now lost again in online datingville….!

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Online Dating – Case Closed

Back a while ago I posted about the really bad behavior on dating sites. I can honestly tell you those two posts got a fair amount of attention and some interesting mail. Some people thought it was funny, and there were a few who thought I was directing the posts at them. In reality they were a compilation of some hit and miss posts of my own and the absolute train wreck that is online dating.

In case you missed them here is 101 & 102

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