Sleep. Have you thought about it?

So recently I was thinking about sleep. I was thinking about how doctors and science still don’t know why we sleep other than we are tired, and that I can see by Facebook that some people do not sleep. I get really cranky when I don’t sleep so I can only imagine how much it must suck for someone who can’t sleep every night.

There was a point last week with the time change when 8 o’clock rolled around and I was beat and ready for bed. So I went to bed and got about 10 hours of sleep that night. I felt great the next day. So much so I started thinking.

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Thinking, it’s harder then you think

Thinking is an art that most people don’t have. Now it’s I am not trying to say that no one is thinking out there, but too many people are locked into a thought to actually think about it. Putting on shoes and getting ready don’t require much thought, but taking something you have done for years or a value you have held onto for years and rethinking how to make it work is where real thinking takes place.

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