Personal Marketing 101 (Online Dating)

I never thought I would have the knowledge to write anything like this, but here I am writing about one of the most annoying parts about being single. Let me be clear I could care less about the dating part, it’s easy to find people to go out with without using a dating site, but frankly dating sites are just one “hot mess” after another and I can’t stop reading them. It is better than the tabloids or the gossip section in a paper. I don’t know how to explain the idiots that post the most interesting stuff on dating sites, but you have to look for it. Facebook has nothing on dating sites.

Dating sites are full of crazy people who have no idea what makes a good online profile. Some profiles are short and some ramble on for days with no freaking end in sight. Dating is now a full blow “Marketing Effort” and most people are failing at it.  What I am going to try to do is help these poor lost souls with what not to do and if I can maybe post what to do.

Here are some of my observations.

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Sleep. Have you thought about it?

So recently I was thinking about sleep. I was thinking about how doctors and science still don’t know why we sleep other than we are tired, and that I can see by Facebook that some people do not sleep. I get really cranky when I don’t sleep so I can only imagine how much it must suck for someone who can’t sleep every night.

There was a point last week with the time change when 8 o’clock rolled around and I was beat and ready for bed. So I went to bed and got about 10 hours of sleep that night. I felt great the next day. So much so I started thinking.

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You can’t be Vegan all the time….

So a journey stared about 60 days ago. I was in pain on my left side of my abdomen. I went to see the doctor and  figured he would throw some antibiotics at it. That did not help at all. So I went back and saw him again. We took some X-rays and didn’t see much, other than some “stuff” on the left side that needed to be cleaned out. So I did that with a few items and a Salt Water Flush one morning. I think I got most of it out and was all clean but still hurting. I assumed at this point it had to be what I was putting in my mouth.

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Learning is a life long thing….journey….no….learning is life. You learn something every day!

So the other day I was looking to learn more about developing iPhone applications and take a bite out of that $4 Billion dollar a year industry and found

For $25 a month you can listen to everything on the site. So I figured I could spend $50 on a book I will struggle with or $25 for a video series to let me SEE what is going on and then do it. There are other FREE tools all over the web to help you learn you just have to be willing to look for them.

I found this PDF to help with Xcode. LINK


I also found this link with lots of other stuff about Xcode and writing apps for the iPhone.

With all this said you have an endless set of online resources to help you learn and think better!

So you think you can think?

So my last post was about thinking, and this post is going to follow up on that I hope.

Work is a place where you can get into a rut and not have to think too much. It’s what makes experts, well, experts. They have a broad knowledge of things and have “10” things that always resolve about 99% of the problems.

They are the big time smarty pants people who have been doing that job so long then know everything about the system or process and they don’t have to think to get out of a jam, they just do the “10 simple steps” to resolve it, it starts working and they more on.

But what happens when you have to think about things? What happens when everything you know is wrong? What happens when the “10 simple steps” don’t work?

At that point you have to start thinking.

Are you able to think about what you know. what you don’t know, and what you need to know so that you know?

I was pondering this today and it’s not easy.

Thinking, it’s harder then you think

Thinking is an art that most people don’t have. Now it’s I am not trying to say that no one is thinking out there, but too many people are locked into a thought to actually think about it. Putting on shoes and getting ready don’t require much thought, but taking something you have done for years or a value you have held onto for years and rethinking how to make it work is where real thinking takes place.

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